The 2022 HBCU SpringComing festival has officially kicked off in Birmingham, Alabama, and 25 high school seniors are expected to receive game-changing scholarships at the event.

As Blavity previously reported, the New York-based festival, founded in 2015, is heading to Birmingham for the first time, and it’ll go down from May 27 to 29.

“HBCU SpringComing is a spirited collective work and responsibility practiced by alumni from all of our beloved institutions,” co-founder George Peters II said of the event. “It is our chance to ensure that we protect the sacred spaces that helped us to get to where we are now, well before we knew what we could become. We do that simply by sharing space with each other, reviving our favorite traditions and making new memories as we introduce our families to the celebration of the unique education only possible on Historically Black campuses.”

“Our foremost opportunity is to really bring the collective HBCU community in Alabama and surrounding areas, so that was one of the reasons Birmingham was attractive to us,” co-founder Lauren Grove added.

On top of being a celebration of Black culture and the HBCU experience, the event is also an effort to increase financial contributions for students. In fact, on Saturday, 25 Birmingham high schoolers — part the city’s next generation of HBCU scholars — are set to receive $1,000 each toward college, WVTM 13 News reports.

Through this initiative, HBCU SpringField organizers hope to inspire the 25 students to network within Birmingham’s local HBCU community, as well as utilize their future college degrees to help improve their hometown.

“By me planning to move back to Birmingham after graduation, I will be able to provide needed knowledge to help advance our business communities,” Alabama A&M commit Parker Jenkins said. “I look forward to being able to be an asset to my city.”

You can find more information on HBCU SpringComing here, as there’ll be an array of poppin’ events throughout Birmingham this weekend.