A Brooklyn museum is bringing reality TV to real life through an exhibit on Tiffany Pollard, also known as "New York" from Flavor of Love. Pollard is getting her own exhibit at the Thnk 1994 museum. 

The exhibit “David’s Dead: A Celebration of Tiffany Pollard” will be open this summer from May 19- June 3

Pollard emerged as a reality TV star queen, after a breakout start on VH1's network. She went to have her own spinoff shows I Love New York, New York Goes To Work and New York Goes To Hollywood. She also starred in the Vh1.com web series, Brunch with Tiffany.

And that's not all. Pollard also was featured on the shows Scared Famous and Big Brother UK. The exhibit takes its title from an episode on the last show that .

According to VH1, Thnk 1994 explained:

"While this will be a celebration of her entire oeuvre we will focus on her masterpiece, David’s Dead, which we believe is the pinnacle of reality television, roughly 7 minutes of pure unbridled chaos in the celebrity UK Big Brother house wherein David Bowie’s widow gets the news of his death and has to tell someone, she tells Tiffany who thinks she’s talking about David Gest (Liza Minnelli's “ex-husband”) who is also in the house and has been sick in bed. If you haven’t watched it, we’ll wait." 

On Instagram Pollard said that she was beyond flattered and thankful. "Truly beyond flattered and humbled. Can't wait to see this in Brooklyn. Thanks to all those involved," she wrote.

Her fans are excited and so are we: