A 13-year-old from Brooklyn, New York, has gained the praise of thousands after helping an elderly man in his neighborhood.  

Jordan Glover-Ingram reportedly rushed out of the house while his mother, Lizz Ingram, was cooking dinner to assist his elderly neighbor, Mr. Robinson, who didn't have an umbrella during a rainstorm and walked him to his home. 

“I ran down the stairs, and I was gonna say, ‘Wait a minute, where are you going?’ And I see that he had the umbrella, and he held it over Mr. Robinson’s head,” said the proud mother.  

She then recorded a video of the heartfelt moment with intentions to send it to Jordan’s father. A few days later, she posted the video to Facebook where it amassed over 4 million views.

“So Beautiful to see. Definitely made me tear up,” said one Facebook user. “Great job raising him! May God keep his heart selfless! God Bless you and your family. Happy Holidays!”

Lizz was shocked by the overwhelming support.  

“The notion that we are supposed to be courteous at all times comes from my upbringing,” she said.

She said her grandparents raised her to be selfless, making her purchase items to deliver to seniors. 

“You never know what people are able and unable to do. You never know anybody’s circumstances when you walk into their homes. You have to do things like this; it’s courteous,” she said, citing her grandmother. 

Those same values have been passed down to Lizz's children.  

“I say, ‘We can make our own good news,’ you know? You could do good things, just keep doing good things. That’s all, just be kind.”

She also noted the importance of such positive images of Black men in a world that doesn’t often portray them in that way.

“It made me proud because society sometimes doesn’t see our young Black men in this light.”

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