Here's The Scoop On The Talented Group Of Young, Nigerian Dancers From Viral Video Praised By Rihanna, Diddy

The dance crew is a group of "Ikorodu Talented Kids" called Dream Catchers, and they're amazing.

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Naomi Cambell/Instagram

| April 06 2018,

2:21 pm

A group of young dancers from Lagos, Nigeria, are getting the praise they deserve. Last month, a video of the Dream Catchers dance crew went viral after Naomi Campbell, Rihanna and Diddy shouted them out on Instagram. Since then, the BBC has shared the story behind the talented crew. 

According to BBC Pidgin, the dance crew was formed in Ikorodu, Lagos, by Seyi Oluyole. Oluyole is the executive director of The Dream Nurture Foundation, a non-profit focused on educational opportunities for children and young adults, her website states.

Oluyole founded Dream Catchers to both teach children to dance and to keep them in school, the BBC reported. The children typically stay at Oluyole's home as she trains them. 

"Their parents must agree that their children are living with me for a period of time, and they must go to school," Oluyole said. 

Oluyole's work is resonating. Ahead of a visit to Lagos, Cambell posted a video praising Dream Catchers in an Instagram post on March 9. 


The next day, both Diddy and Rihanna shared videos of the crew and expressed their admiration.


MOOD ALL WEEKEND @dreamcatchersda

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And the love continued when Campbell visited the group in Lagos. 


We're rooting for you Dream Catchers!