As Blavity previously reported, the weeks-long Russian invasion of Ukraine has had the unintended consequence of highlighting biases that exist. Not only in Ukraine and Russia, but in a variety of so-called Western nations. As conflict grips the international community, an interesting international dynamic has taken shape. While there has been strong opposition to the Russian invasion from the United States and its allies in Europe, as well as countries like Canada and Australia, Russia has continued to enjoy support from nations like China and India. Particularly interesting has been the mixed reaction from the African continent. The African Union has called on Russia “to imperatively respect international law, the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of Ukraine,” and individual countries such as Kenya have officially denounced the invasion. Still, other nations like South Africa have seen their leaders express support for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s efforts in Ukraine. To help sort out this unexpected political phenomenon, here are five things to know about the enduring support from Russia in Africa.