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17 Receipts that capture Hillary Clinton's attempt to rewrite history #HistorybyHillary

This presidential race has been nothing short of twists and turns since it began, and social media has played a huge part in facilitating dialogue about the candidates and their platforms. Unfortunately, it looks as though Hillary Clinton's PR team wasn't prepared for the receipts that surfaced with the inception of the #HistoryByHillary trending topic started by @RaceBaitR. Soon enough, incTwitter users rallied around the hashtag to provide damning evidence to Clinton's flip-flop platform tactics and critique her political amnesia. First, there were the jokes.

1. When history looks different from your point of view

2. When you rally hard to gain the black vote

3. When actions speak louder than words

4. When you're starting to look a lot like Hollywood's version of history

5. When you're trying to join a legacy of American figures who did more harm than good

6. When you'll do anything for that vote though

Then came the reality checks that pointed out the lack of accountability surrounding the Clinton platform.

7. When she said she didn't see Bernie Sanders when she was trying to get healthcare, but Kodak captured the memory.

8. When she must have forgotten writing this, too.

9. When she conveniently became a champion for change and equality

10. When she claimed to not know Donald Trump that well

11. When she tries to position herself as a leader for liberal, progressive movements, but her resume' proves otherwise

12. When she claims to take down Wall Street and hold them accountable, but she in fact has financial relations with them

13. When she says she will fight to keep families together and supported the DREAM Act, but...

14. When the lies are much louder than the truth

15. When the video evidence proves she knew what she was trying to insinuate then, and she still isn't up to speed on the facts nearly 20 years later

16. When the numbers just don't add up

17. When feminism is only a topic of concern when it's convenient

So what's up, Hillary Clinton?

Photo: tumblr
Photo: tumblr
Photo: tumblr

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