Update (December 13, 2018): The man who attacked a woman in a New York subway, leaving her with a fractured spine has been identified as 54-year-old Allasheed Allah, the New York Post reports. He was arrested by the police Wednesday.

A concerned citizen snapped a photo of Allah following his attack; someone who knows him recognized the 54-year-old, and helped the authorities apprehend him.

According to Gothamist, Allah faces two hate crime charges: one count of assault and one count of aggravated harassment. Allah's attack is believed to be motivated by homophobia. He punched his victim after ordering her to stop kissing another woman; he also called her a d**e. 

In describing the attack, the woman said, "I felt him right behind me, I felt a punch in my back. … I turned around and he already had his hand on my chest, and he threw me back which caused my head to hit the pole and my back hit the ground first, which fractured my spine."

The victim was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment. While there, she told ABC 7, "Last week I spent the whole week crying and in excruciating pain. My hopes are that he's arrested, not for revenge, it's not what I want. So he won't ever do this to anyone else. I don't want someone else to feel this." 

Original: An unidentified man aboard a New York subway reportedly punched a woman for receiving a kiss from another woman on November 30.

The man, who wore a camouflage vest in a video of the incident, began to verbally assault the 20-year-old victim calling her a "d*ke" on MTA's E train. At that point, the two traded words while other passengers looked on.

The victim attempted to walk away from him following the verbal sparring match, but he did not stop. Instead, the man walked up behind the woman and sucker-punched her in the back of the head, Gothamist reports.

The woman was shoved and hit her head on the floor of the train. She sustained a fractured spine during the scuffle. Authorities report the woman was transported to the Elmhurst Hospital Center. 

A passenger started recording him when he fled the scene after the attack. He was last seen wearing sunglasses, a camouflage vest and carrying several bags. The New York Daily News reports authorities are searching for a middle-aged Black male

Police have yet to locate the man, according to the Daily News. Authorities are asking individuals with any information to reach out and receive a reward of up to $2,500. 

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