A man in Houston, Texas, is recovering from surgery after exposing himself in front of a gun-toting grandmother's home. 

"Granny Jean" is a 68-year-old woman who had to shoot a man trying to enter her home, reports ABC 13 KTRK.

On late Tuesday, August 7, Granny Jean said she was taking out the trash when she encountered a man riding a bike up to her home. He started exposing himself to her and chased her to her front door. 

“She was alarmed by this,” Houston Police Lt. Larry Crowson told reporters.

The man, who has not been identified, pulled down his pants. Local news outlet KHOU reports the man also exposed himself to Jean's granddaughter nearby. 

“Some guy pulled off his pants and pulled his pants open, playing with his thing,” she told KTRK, the local ABC affiliate, “and he ran up in my yard, and I told him to get away from my door, or I will shoot him.”

After warning him, the man continued the sex act. She was left with no other choice but to defend herself. Jean grabbed her pistol as the man tried to open her door. Then, she fired. 

The unidentified man ran away hurt to a neighbor's yard. When police arrived on the scene, they found the man with a gunshot wound to the chest. The shot did not kill the suspect, but local reports said he would require surgery. 

Authorities and local outlets believe the man to be a sex offender in the neighborhood who was arrested previously for a similar sexual act. However, that has yet to be confirmed. 

“I don’t bother nobody,” the woman told KTRK. “I don’t get in nobody’s business. It’s just me and him, and like I keep saying, I warned him.”

For now, there is no information on whether Granny Jean will face charges. Police are investigating the matter. 

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