Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has announced that the city will be honoring Beyoncé And Megan Thee Stallion with their own official days due to their efforts to contribute funding to COVID-19 relief efforts.

“Because of both artists’ contributions to uplifting our communities, holding down #HTown, &for helping us remain #HoustonStrong our city will present both artists with their own respective days,” Turner tweeted on Thursday.

The Grammy-winning legend and superstar rapper released the chart-topping "Savage" remix on Thursday to much fanfare.

Megan announced on Instagram that all of the proceeds of the song will go to Bread of Life, which is working to support first responders and others affected by the coronavirus pandemic in Houston.

Both artists have also contributed significantly to other coronavirus-related efforts, with Beyoncé donating $6 million to help local community-based organizations in Houston, New Orleans, New York and Detroit address mental health concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic, as Blavity previously reported

Additionally, Megan is working with Amazon to support nursing homes in Houston with supplies. 

On Instagram Live, the massively successful rapper got emotional about having a legend like Beyoncé on her hit song.

“For Beyoncé to even do a song with me? I've really only been out like two years, this is the beginning of year number two, like … Beyoncé!? Every time somebody would ask me, they'd go, 'Megan, Megan Thee Stallion, who do you want to do a feature with? Megan, Megan, who would you want to do a song with?' And then I'm always like, 'Beyoncé. Beyoncé Knowles-Carter. You know, Beyoncé?' Like, I know that they say manifest it, but, bitch! That is a real thing," Megan said, adding that her late mother was a huge Beyoncé fan as well. 

"It’s Megan and Beyoncé Day. If today ain’t my day, I don’t know what today is. Houston, tell them to give me my day,” Megan told her fans.

Message received.