James Harden's new restaurant in Houston, Texas, is already getting horrible reviews thanks to the blockbuster trade he forced that sent him across the country to Brooklyn, New York, according to The Houston Chronicle.

The NBA superstar and MVP was planning to open his new restaurant Thirteen later this month in Houston. But, on Wednesday, Harden's wishes were granted and he was sent to the Brooklyn Nets in a league-altering trade that got buried in the news cycle because it dropped at the exact same time as the historic second impeachment of President Donald Trump. 

Harden was an icon in Houston and fans spent nearly a decade rooting ardently for him as he racked up scoring titles but struggled with little playoff success. 

His decision to force his way out of Houston shocked many fans who had devoted years to supporting him. But spokeswoman Sherrie Handrinos said Harden still plans to open the restaurant, which is named after his jersey number, despite the trade.

"Our entire staff and team are looking forward to providing top-notch service and bringing a one-of-a-kind dining experience to Houston. We are looking forward to sharing our extensive menu and beautiful restaurant with the city,” Handrinos said in an email to The Houston Chronicle.

The restaurant was built around the stylings of Tobias Dorzon, a personal chef for a number of NBA stars, according to the newspaper. 

Unfortunately for Harden and his staff, fans are taking out their pain over the trade on the restaurant, filling the internet with negative reviews of the restaurant before it even opens. 

"Literal trash just like James harden," one review said, while others had other stinging barbs like "Owner doesn’t know how to cook it up in the court" and "Doesn't quite have that championship taste."

Another review said: "Toxic owner, food just never comes out finished. definitely a choking hazard. [The] owner walked out on the chefs he brought in himself. Wouldn’t touch this place with a 4-mile long pole."