Assata's Daughters, a Chicago nonprofit grassroots organization, has always been here for black folks — particularly black women, evidenced by the Rekia Boyd case and beyond. In addition to advocacy, the organization offers three ongoing, free community programs that assist Chicago's Washington Park neighborhood. 

One is the community garden. Per the Daughters' official website, "the community garden program highlights self-sustainability as an integral part of black liberation. Located off of King Drive in Washington Park, the garden provides us with the opportunity to engage youth and local community members in learning about the basics of gardening, land conservation, food justice and the importance of self-sustainment as a tool of resistance."

Increasing access to fresh and healthy food is an integral part of sustaining the black community, as many urban black families live in food deserts. 

Thankfully, Assata's Daughters is working to add life to that desert!


Chicagoans may be experiencing an elongated winter in 2018, but spring is on the horizon. As residents look forward to a blooming spring season, Assata's Daughters announced on Twitter that they're adding more gardening beds to diversify the types of food they grow. The group also plans to host a free farm stand that will provide free produce to neighbors all summer. 

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After posting their Amazon wishlist, every gardening item they needed had been ordered. Amazing! 

You can still help! Assata's Daughters is going the extra mile by adding more raised beds, plus new programs so that teens can learn about farming and food justice. We love it!

To help Assata's Daughters continue their community garden program, donate via their donate box page