There’s a resurgence happening in rap right now. For the first time in years, we’re witnessing multiple women from various backgrounds take their rightful thrones in hip-hop. What’s beautiful about this current renaissance era of hip-hop is that we’re able to hear from a multitude of women, each with their own experiences and unique voices. Inspired by the new HBO show Rap Sh!t, we’re interviewing some of the dopest up-and-coming women in the game. One of those women is Atlanta-based emcee Mudy.

Mudy first picked up the microphone in 2016 and hasn’t put it down since. While Mudy has always been a wordsmith and a skilled poet, she started using her pen to write raps after the nudging of a friend. Since then, the Milwaukee native has built a name for herself as a skilled lyricist and fierce adversary for anyone who dares to challenge her on the beat.

Mudy stopped by Blavity News to discuss her artistry, how she got involved in music and why she feels like people gravitate towards her music.