What are you doing with your engineering or CS degree? You might have started off loving the attention to detail and problem-solving associated with coding and hands-on work, but as you advance in your career, it’s easy to get trapped in positions centered more strictly around management. If traditional isn’t for you, there’s no point in thinking you have to be stuck in a box that doesn’t define you forever.

Capital One is just one company providing a plethora of options for engineers, developers and designers who are passionate about coding, problem-solving and creating. Their options break the mold of the typical ladder that leads employees to management-only positions. Even within one career, there are so many paths to take. And in order to be fulfilled in your career, step one is following what you love — even if that’s not the traditional path. And finding an employer who gives options is an important part of this process.

In addition to the traditional director or senior VP roles within technology where people management is a strategic area of focus, Capital One also has an individual contributor track that enables engineers to hone their coding skills and work on the highly technical projects they’re passionate about without managing a team. Sure, you can be a senior director or a VP, but you can also get to that level focusing on engineer work like writing code day-to-day on the individual contributor track.

At Capital One, you’ll also work on innovative digital and technology projects that are rethinking and reimagining banking. For example, Capital One just launched EnoSM, a gender-neutral SMS chatbot that helps users stay on top of their Capital One credit cards and bank accounts. Customers can send a simple text to Eno to instantly check their account balances, view recent transactions, get bill due dates, quickly get their routing number and even pay their Capital One credit card bills. But Eno isn’t all work and no play. Eno recognizes certain emojis: customers can send a bag of money emoji for a quick summary of their accounts or send a “thumbs up” emoji to confirm a payment. Learn more about Eno here.

Being able to create and work on improving projects like Eno is an advantage that one might not expect from a company like Capital One. But the work is not just banking and financial planning — there are many ways to explore enriching careers in people leadership, coding and engineering and even design.

So, gauge what you enjoy — and don’t feel stuck in one career path just because it’s what you’ve seen others do. There’s a perfect career match for everyone, you just might not have found yours yet.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Capital One.