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How this 21-year-old entrepreneur is looking to change the event planning game forever

By using technology, Myles Ward is taking the hassle out of planning parties.

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Myles Ward wants to change the way we party. More specifically, Ward wants to change the way we plan parties. The 21-year-old entrepreneur envisions a world where with just a few clicks, your dream party is delivered to your doorstep.

On the surface, the Mesquite, Texas native’s interests are fairly common. He enjoys playing basketball, reading, and aspires to one day be a sports agent. However, while juggling classes and working at a local car dealership, Myles came to a realization  —  he’s at his happiest when creating. He wants to create opportunities for himself and others.

As a student at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas, Ward felt the area’s events and parties lacked adequate planning and promotion. Boasting nearly 30,000 students and over 400 organizations, UNT is a hotbed for events. Additionally, the city of Denton hosts several popular annual festivals. Armed with this information, and his favorite proverb, “a man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men,” Ward sought out a solution. While checking his Twitter feed, Ward came across a technology related tweet from an old friend, and reconnected to talk business. His friend, Cam Sadler, had recently given up teaching high school to create Fort Worth- based startup, GF17. 

Photo: Myles Ward

In Sadler’s words, GF17 “aims to change the way we work by giving everyone access to the means of production. GF17 provides members access to workspace, meet-ups, developers and projects. Ward is the first creator to launch a project through GF17. He possesses the work ethic and creativity that we look for in members.” After four months working side by side with Cam and GF17 , Ward is ready to change the event planning landscape.

Ward’ brainchild is called Playes. The simple application allows potential event planners to request services ranging from a DJ and promotional materials to full event planning with a same day turnaround time. “We can do weddings, family reunions, baby showers, and any and every event you can possibly think of,” he explains. Hosts simply answer a few in-app questions, then the Playes team gets to work hammering out the details and bringing the host’s vision to life. 

Photo: Playes

While this takes place, updates are provided to the client in-app or via text message. How is this possible? According to Ward, Playes relies on the coordination of three separate communities: event hosts, suppliers and “playemakers." When an event host puts in a request, playemakers receive an alert and begin coordinating a network of available, pre-contracted suppliers. Suppliers include a community of local DJ’s, promoters, venues, photographers and designers. Ultimately, Ward believes the client shouldn’t have to do more than, “show up, and pour up."

Currently, the focus of the newly-launched service is college students. However, Ward hopes to bring Playes to everyone His ultimate vision being a greater community “with people in every city on alert to give event goers the best experience they’ve ever had”. When asked about his motivation for Playes, the young creator is unambiguous, “I want to be free… liberated… I don’t want to have work for anyone or be confined to a 9–5 ever again.” 

For more information about Playes visit makeplayes.com

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