On November 4, co-creators Rontel Batie and Eboni Malone launched the "Cuffing Season" podcast on Apple Podcasts.

This show was born from what Rontel and Eboni believe to be a popular, yet false perception that millennials don't believe in marriage. It's no secret that relationships are difficult and dating can be hard to navigate (hence the emergence of social media apps like Tinder, which seeks to streamline the process.)

We may also be well aware of the countless articles that demonstrate a decline in marriage and child birth amongst educated 20-something year olds. However, this does not mean that millennials have given up hope on tying the knot. It could mean, instead, that millennials are approaching marriage in a more thoughtful way. Who says we can't have a thriving career, multiple degrees and a dope marriage?!

Cuffing Season talks about the complexities of finding true love and making relationships work through the perspectives of the hosts, Rontel and Eboni, who are currently engaged. The couple shares stories from their own journey, such as doing marriage counseling before an engagement, overcoming periods of long-distance and dating outside of their comfort zone. Rontel and Eboni also interview other couples and singles with varying perspectives to facilitate a stronger understanding between men and women who are searching for love but don't know where to start. 

The podcast drops new episodes every Sunday and has already attracted the ears of a variety of listeners after its first two episodes! If you are looking for ways to broaden your perspective when it comes to dating, relationships, marriage and personal or spiritual growth, this podcast is definitely worth a listen!

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