Undergarments are key to holding our "assets" in place. Our mothers warned us for years to be sure to wear a decent bra and underwear set whenever we left the house just in case, God forbid, we were in an accident and the first responders needed to remove any clothing. I used to obsess about it, but honestly who would care in such a situation? For times when you just want to find a bra that fits while providing comfort and support, here are some tips for nailing the perfect fit:
bra that really fits
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Option 1: Get professionally fitted

This changed my life. I wasn't quite nailing the perfect fit, so I got frustrated and made a trip to Victoria's Secret, where they gave me the precise measurements. Turns out, I should have been up a cup size from what I had been wearing. I felt like a new woman once I had on my 'true' size. So yes, see a professional or break out the measuring tape on your own

Option 2: Measure yourself (or have someone close to you help you out)

Step #1: First and foremost, stand straight and relax

Step #2: Use a soft tape measure to measure all the way around your body. You will want to place the tape right underneath your breasts. Now, here is a little bit of math: If your measurement turns out to be an even number, add four to that number. On the opposite end, if your number is an odd number, add five to that number, rounding up as necessary to the next even number. This will give you your band size

Step #3: You should have a bra on for this step because you will measure around the fullest part of your bust (across the nipple) without closing too tight. It's important to make sure the measuring tape goes straight around the back and is not dipping down

Step #4: More math! Now, you will subtract the number in Step 3 from your band size (i.e., 38 - 36 = 2). This will give you your cup size, according to this guide: 0 = AA 1 = A 2 = B 3 = C 4 = D 5 = DD 6 = DDD There are many different types of bras to invest in: Underwire, push-ups, clear straps, sports bras, strapless – so many possibilities for each body type and according to the activities you plan to do. You would think that, at my age, I should have no problem picking out the perfect fit for my body type, but no, it definitely took a minute to be exactly sure

All in all, having the right bra support can really make or break an outfit, not to mention your overall comfort level. Choose wisely

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