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How one creative is using custom pins to start conversations and display cultural pride

Essence Hayes is no stranger to creativity. In fact, she is the face behind the dope jewelry line that enables women to wear their magic boldly and unapologetically. I chatted with Essence one-on-one and she introduced her new line, Coloring Pins. Valerie Robinson: Why did you start making pins?  EH: "The reason I started making pins was because I didn’t see myself in them. The...

The benefits of doing 50 push-ups daily

I recently did a little experiment. With summer literally right around the corner, I began looking for ways to tone my body without breaking the bank with expensive personal training or a gym membership. I decided to challenge myself with a "what if." What if I consistently worked up to 50-100 pushups daily for a month? Well, I did, and the initial results were sore arms and a lot of...

I tried a DIY turmeric face mask and this is what happened

Lately, I've been on a roll experimenting with DIY beauty products. I love that when making things at home, I know exactly what (and can properly pronounce) everything they contain. I've been researching and hearing a lot about turmeric, mainly its natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities, which can be used to treat a variety of skin ailments. My skin...