The world has changed so much in the past couple of years. As difficult as it has been, the lessons that have come out of tremendous hardship are ones that can ultimately bring a lot of good for future generations. Slowly but surely, marginalized communities are gaining more allies in the fight for their humanity, dignity and access to healthcare. ViiV Healthcare, a pharmaceutical company 100% dedicated to HIV, has launched several cultural initiatives to raise awareness around HIV and the negative impacts of HIV stigma in the Black community.  Learn more about some of their campaigns that help raise awareness and fight stigma around HIV.


Real people. Real lives. Real stories. That’s the goal of this visual work: to give us a look at the everyday experiences of people living with HIV.

In a unique collaboration with Shutterstock Studios, ViiV Healthcare launched “#HIVinView,” a first-of-its-kind gallery showcasing empowering images of people living and thriving with HIV in locations around the world. The intent is to provide an authentic view of people living with HIV today and demonstrate just how much things have changed since the start of the epidemic. The collection debuted December 1, 2020 — World AIDS Day — and the photos are free and available for public use. In the battle to challenge the negative assumptions about HIV, sharing the true picture and experiences of people living with HIV is key to undermining stigma.

Risk to Reasons

It’s time to retire the word “risk” when talking about HIV and Black women. “Risk” is unspecific, stigmatizing, and can cause people to disassociate, rather than reflect on their potential prevention needs. Instead, ViiV Healthcare proposes to frame HIV prevention around the reasons that motivate and empower women to address their sexual health. 

Risk to Reasons sets out to develop new messages, new messengers and new methods to increase awareness and action around HIV prevention for Black women of cis and trans experience. Guided by advocates across the country, the initiative creates content, funds community action and connects advocates to change the narrative around HIV in Black communities and get more Black women connected to prevention and care.

Moving from risk to reasons offers an opportunity to rethink and redefine the relationship between Black women and HIV.

Read the report for more information. 

“Being Seen” Podcast

If you’re a fan of podcasts, this award-winning show won’t disappoint. “Being Seen” examines the role we play in how we form interpretations of others and ourselves. By creating nuanced and accurate cultural portrayals of identity and experience, we have an opportunity to reduce stigma and change perception – impacting everything from HIV to institutional inequality.

The first two seasons explore the gay and queer Black male experience, featuring men in Baltimore, Maryland and Jackson, Mississippi. The third season, hosted by Tony Award winner Anika Noni Rose, focuses on Black women. The weekly podcast is available on Apple and Spotify.

We encourage you to act as your stories are what shapes society. Explore further and access the resources in the article as we empower you to change actions, behaviors and perceptions to combat stigma in our own communities.

This editorial is brought to you in partnership with ViiV Healthcare.