This morning another bomb threat was directed to at least six historically Black colleges and universities.

Southern University and A&M, Howard University, Bethune-Cookman University, Albany State University, Bowie State University and Delaware State University all received bomb threats.

Authorities and campus officials are investigating the threat, and five of the schools will continue to remain on lockdown or shelters in place shared with CNN that the "scene has been cleared with no hazardous materials found" on Howard University's campus. 

Earlier this month, on Jan 5. at least three HBCUs, including Howard University, received bomb threats. HBCUs have become the new targets of bomb threats that have forced schools to relocate students, faculty, and staff while the threats were under investigation. 

Just a few weeks ago, Charles R. Drew University (CDUreceived the green light to reopen concluding their campus investigation of a bomb threat that closed the medical school campus. 

The threat came from a neo-Nazi fascist who claimed to have planted three titanium nitrite sulfuric bombs on CDU's campus, allegedly set to detonate on campus.

"I want to show the Black population what the white man can do; we will take back our land!" the email stated.

CNN stated the FBI had been contacted for answers surrounding the uptick of bomb threats toward HBCUs but, no response was given.