Medical staff at Howard University Hospital (HUH) went on a daylong strike earlier this week, and the matter has gained widespread recognition online.

This past Monday, about 300 HUH staff members protested over low wages, staff shortages and overall unfair working conditions. Protesters also cited concerns over HUH contracts and rising staff vacancies.

The strike went down from about 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Some noteworthy signs visible during the demonstrations included phrases like “Don’t procrastinate, just negotiate” and “We demand safe staffing.”

“The hospital wants to cut pay, staffing, many things because they aren’t being reimbursed by the insurance companies,” one HUH employee said.

Anita Jenkins, CEO of HUH, pointed out to 7 News that patient care wasn’t jeopardized during the protest.

“Let me be clear: our hospital will be fully staffed and taking care of our patients. There will be no decrease in care and quality care while our nurses display the right to strike if they want,” she said. “But do I want them to come back and say, ‘Yes, let’s keep talking, or let’s consider this differently, or let’s take this to a vote.’ Absolutely.”

“We’ve been thinking and preparing for this for a long time, and so we do have agency nurse personnel,” Jenkins continued. “Our managers, our directors who are nurses and have the ability to staff, they absolutely will be at that bedside. And I will be right there with them in scrubs doing whatever I can to make sure that what is most important happens—and that’s taking care of that community that we serve.”

In response to the situation, Howard spokesperson Tony Blue noted that, despite the strike, the institution recently gave HUH employees a pay bump.

“On Thursday, April 7, Howard University Hospital DCNA members received a significant wage increase, that averages in excess 9.8%,” Blue said.

He later added that “Howard University Hospital is safely and appropriately staffed.”

Resultingly, it’s not exactly clear whether the HUH strike will result in the staff members’ concerns being addressed and handled.

The HUH strike is the latest protest at the Washington, D.C., HBCU.

As Blavity previously reported, Howard University faculty members went on strike last month over low pay and poor working conditions.

Similarly, during the fall, students protested against living conditions at the university, nicknamed the Harvard of HBCUs. The matter, dubbed the Blackburn Takeover, went on for 33 days.