Seventeen-year-old Howard University student Thandiwe Abdullah and her roommate were left stunned after discovering mold and leaks in their dorm rooms, WUSA9 reports

On Thursday, Abdullah shared a video on her Twitter which showed her living conditions. She said the university wouldn't relocate her and her roommate after she slipped and fell. 

"Bro they’re refusing to relocate us from our dorm even though it’s flooding and i already slipped and fell today," the sophomore wrote. 

WUSA9 spoke with Vice President of Student Affairs Cynthia Evers, who confirmed a cracked pipe led to the leakage in their room.

"The residents were notified that water would need to be temporarily shut off so that they could perform repairs and fix the pipe. That was on Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning," Evers said.

Abdullah's concern was paying extra for a new room if her current dorm could not be repaired after being moved to a temporary room by a residential assistant.

"I would just like assurance that I'll have somewhere to live without having to pay, an extra $1,000, that my roommates will have somewhere to live, and that I won't have to go home or drop out," the Los Angeles native said.

Evers promised to accommodate the students affected and ensure they will not have to pay extra for new rooms.

"The objective is not to make her pay any more money; we're trying to keep it as customer service [friendly] as possible," Evers told the outlet.

Abdullah confirmed this is her first time living on campus since freshman year due to virtual schooling.

"We first started noticing water on the floor, I think, two weeks ago. We didn't understand where it was coming from because there was no visible damage to the wall. So, that happened in our closet and in our room area," she recalled.

"Maintenance came, they looked into it, and no one tells us anything," she added. "They just start ripping out the wall. They move everything out of our closet there's mold growing on the wall in our closet."