One of the beautiful things about college is that moment when you're truly introduced to the power of protest and social consciousness.

HBCU students have been especially keen to utilize their right to protest lately, like when Betsy Devos spoke at Bethune Cookman. How can we forget that dragging?

Well, it looks like it's James Comey's turn.

The former FBI director has been given a position at Howard University for the 2017-18 school year. One of his responsibilities is giving a series of five lectures.

Comey was set to deliver the university's convocation address today, and according to CNN, it didn't exactly go smoothly.

As soon as he opened his mouth to speak, students started chanting things like "We shall not be moved," "I love being black" and "Get out James Comey — you're not our homey."

"I love the enthusiasm of young folks, but I wish they understood what a conversation is," Comey said.

Comey stood silent for a full 15 minutes while the students spoke their protest piece. He then requested that the students listen to him, using the moment to speak on the importance of listening to one another. 

“The rest of the real world is a place where it’s hard sometimes to find people who will listen with an attitude that they might actually be convinced of something. Instead what happens in most of the real world, and … in this auditorium, is that people don’t listen at all,” Comey said, per Fox News.

Though Trump fired Comey as part of the Russia probe controversy, the black community has been less than fond of Comey due to his adherence to the "Ferguson Effect" theory, which claims that crime is increasing in America because police officers are scared to be caught on tape using force for fear of having to go to trial, the New York Times reports.

Comey has also said many times that "all lives matter," CNN reports.

Student group HU Resist passed out handouts outlining Comey's Ferguson Effect and All Lives Matter views before his address.

If you're wondering why Comey even got the opportunity to deliver the keynote address at the HBCU, Howard explained that in a press release: “his expertise and understanding of the challenges we continue to face today will go a long way in sparking rich discussion and advancing meaningful debates across campus."

Well, it certainly looks like his expertise sparked a lot of passion and protest!