Members of HuffPost's union have called out the news outlet as well as its parent company Verizon for failing to hire, promote and pay people of color, according to a website created by the union. 

According to Tweets from current HuffPost workers and the union website, the national news outlet — known for its liberal-leaning coverage — has failed to prioritize diversity and inclusion internally.  

"The HuffPost Union demands that HuffPost and Verizon Media make real commitments to hiring and promoting people of color in our newsroom," the union wrote, including a list of demands that they hope to see enacted.

"We demand that Verizon Media leaders release pay equity data to ensure, as the company claims, that they are paying our staff of color as much as their majority white peers," one demand stated. HuffPost CEO Guru Gowrappan said there is pay equity on the basis of race but the company has refused to release the data backing up their claim.

The demands also include a desire for HuffPost to commit to "making sure that at least 50% of hires over the next two years are non-white." The union wrote that several teams at the company have no Black people and no Latinx people as well, but with the current hiring freeze this cannot be addressed. 

People who work for HuffPost took to Twitter to explain how the lack of diversity affected their work.

Reporter Sarah Ruiz-Grossman said there are more white women in the office named Sarah than Latinx staff at the publication. 

Many union members also highlighted the startling lack of diversity at all levels of the company. 

The union also called on HuffPost to promote more people of color in an effort to keep employees who get frustrated with being passed over by white colleagues. 

"HuffPost has lost at least 28 members of color in the last two years — many of whom have pointed to the lack of career growth as a major reason for their departure," the union statement said. 

Others said they had similar experiences of not being supported during their time at HuffPost.

Another journalist said he left specifically for the reasons stated by the union. 

Some highlighted the hypocrisy of Verizon's commitments to social justice in light of the company's diversity statistics. 

HuffPost has been lauded in the past for having specific verticals dedicated to news for certain groups like their Black Voices vertical, which caters specifically to stories about Black people. 

One journalist put it plainly.

The union website included comments they have received from the leaders of the company on each issue, showing that there has been little interest in addressing the diversity concerns of the newsroom. 

Alex Wallace, Verizon Media’s head of media and content, doubled down on the refusal to release pay rate data, saying they stand behind their original statement that everyone is paid equal. 

Wallace flat-out refused to commit to diversity targets and an accountable commitment to promote staff of color. The union has deemed many of her responses unacceptable.