In March, Derrick Lambert went viral after a recorded run-in between him and unknown women discussing his clothing style. It was a blessing in disguise because companies have offered him some pretty cool opportunities ever since.

The Arkansas native picked up a meal from a Whataburger in Arlington, TX. After he purchased a meal and walked out of the fast-food restaurant chain, he bumped into two strangers who had some opinions about his choice of clothes he wore that day, which were a baby blue and white striped Ralph Lauren polo shirt, iron-creased jeans and a pair of baby blue New Balance 574s, Complex reported.

In the video, anonymously filmed by two ladies who gave the 40-year-old their unwarranted feedback about his outfit, he’s seen holding his drink tray and bag of food. After hearing what they thought, he responded and asked, “I ain’t fresh? I ain’t fresh?” to which one replied, “You not fresh…no. Sometimes you just take your L bro,” while the other person, who was recording, agreed. The short clip went viral, and Lambert’s phrase “I ain’t fresh” quickly became a meme.

His TikTok following grew rapidly with over 200,000 new followers interested to learn more about him, according to Dallas Texas TV.

As someone who isn’t an active social media user, he’s taken aback by how his response gained so much traction.

“It was just natural, man. It was spur of the moment,” the truck driver told Complex. “They done made it like a national anthem.”

Lambert is being supported by the public, who thinks he has a great fashion sense.

“Unc was definitely fresh! Don’t listen to the dusty kids,” one user said about his outfit on Dallas Texas TV’s Instagram post.

“That man creased dine. Polo match the new balance. They hating and really was f**king with him,” another person agreed.

“Classic fit. 🔥🔥🔥 35 and UP will understand honestly,” someone else responded.

Fashion brands caught wind of the video and one in particular, Lifted Research Group, wanted to treat him to a shopping spree.


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In addition, the well-known apparel line decided to partner to create an “I Ain’t Fresh?” T-shirt that is now available for customers worldwide.


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Not only is the Dallas resident getting coins, but he was also gifted NBA courtside seats to the Pelicans vs Milwaukee Bucs game on March 28, where he met Damian Lillard and Bobby Portis.

“It’s pretty cool, man,” he shared with the Complex about the things that have been happening. “I would never dream of something like this”


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Lambert is now recognized when he’s outside and wants to keep the momentum going. He launched his new clothing line of his own that includes T-shirts, hoodies, crewnecks and razorback options with his new viral saying.