My entire life has been centered around working as hard as possible to accomplish the goals I’ve set for myself. I’ve never been able to accept the constant reiterations from friends, family and coworkers that claim that the way to get what you want out of life is to let the things you want go or forget about them.This way of thinking seems extremely counterproductive to me  and results in the immediate glazing over of my eyes. Typically, I’ll offer noncommittal words such as, “hm,” “oh,” or “yeah.” Flat and distant but respectful of their opinions. I lose interest in the conversation and internally try to come up with ways to steer the topic elsewhere.

I, on more than one occasion, refer or default to my upbringing to answer questions about myself as a young adult today. The paradox of sitting idly by instead of chasing the object of your affection and expecting these things to come to you by some cosmic gravitational pull is foreign to me due to the way my father raised me. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely believe in having faith and spreading good karma to get what you want out of life, but I have been genetically modified to ignore this when it comes to goals.

From a young age, it was clear that nothing in America would be handed to me.

As a Jamaican immigrant, America represented a multitude of things, one of them being the chance to live out our dreams. My father wanted us exposed to an environment that would promote growth and opportunities. If I wanted to achieve something, I needed to work twice as hard as my counterparts and there was no rest for the hungry. My father was the only consistent adult I had to learn from, and if you want to know what hard work looks like, he’s it.

I find that I am immensely more satisfied when I reach my goals or achieve what I’ve been grinding for if they are obtained through the blood, sweat and tears of my work ethic.

Something about me seeing the physical manifestation of the work I put in to achieve success makes the victory that much sweeter. The sleepless nights, writers block, millions of to-do lists scattered all over my desk and technology — it all reminds me that I am competent enough. I am important enough to have a say in the outcome of my life. I can drive for results, and as long as I am able to draw breath, I always will fight, chase, obsess over what I want. Of course, there are always multiple ways to view something. And although I will never tell my best friends to not go after the man, woman, job, life, or income they desire, I am fully capable of understanding that not everyone is built the same. Some of us can easily hand over the keys to the car so that God or whomever you celebrate and follow can take the wheel. That kind of faith is beautiful, it’s just way too paradoxical for me.

Do you agree? What are your thoughts on going hard and chasing your dreams vs. when to surrender your work ethic and drive to give space for cosmic intervention? For those of you who prefer letting go to gain it all, make sure to check out the article below!

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