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The mysterious free black child

There I was a few weeks ago, scrolling through my timeline. I scrolled past cute little animal videos and political propaganda. Past the enviously perfect Buzzfeed Tasty videos, all the while stopping every few scrolls to drool and cringe over the fashions at this year's Met Gala. After tilting my head and squinting my eyes a few times at some of the outfits and wondering how the...

Learning how to identify those who suffer from projectile insecurities

This season in my life has lead to numerous soul-searching conversations with the few human beings I deem worthy of unloading my emotional baggage upon. The scarcity with which this occurs should be noted. it takes a long time to build a friend base strong enough where you can talk freely and share the deepest or shallowest part of yourself — you know what I'm talking about. By now,...

Why I can't allow my dreams to chase me

My entire life has been centered around working as hard as possible to accomplish the goals I've set for myself. I've never been able to accept the constant reiterations from friends, family and coworkers that claim that the way to get what you want out of life is to let the things you want go or forget about them.This way of thinking seems extremely counterproductive to me  and results...