A Karen was left in shambles when an American Airlines airport manager called out her belligerent behavior and denied her from boarding the plane.

In the clip, which went viral on Reddit on Tuesday, the woman pleads for mercy after allegedly cursing at one of the employees on the flight, The Independent reported. But the manager stands his ground and suggests the Karen fly on Spirit Airlines next time.

“You called my employee a b***h, [and it was] completely uncalled for and inappropriate. You’re not going to travel. We don’t tolerate that crap with us, at all,” he said. “So you can find another carrier to fly with. I suggest Spirit.”

The woman tried to say she had not called an airport employee a "b***h." She also denied that she had violated the airline’s face mask policy.

“[If] you weren't disrespectful then I would let you travel, but unfortunately you called my employee a b***h,” the manager said, adding that other people heard her using the curse word as well. 

The Karen continued to claim her innocence, but failed to find any success.