Ice Cube has spent the last week getting flamed online for his decision to work with President Donald Trump, but it seems the Trump family is already wearing on him. 

Eric Trump, son of the president, took to Twitter on Tuesday to share a photoshopped picture of Ice Cube and 50 Cent in Trump hats, touting their endorsement of the his father.

Eric was forced to delete the post after Twitter officially tagged it as "manipulated media" according to an editor from BuzzFeed, who showed how the photo of the two rappers had been edited to add the Trump regalia. 

Eric's post was a reference to recent comments by 50 Cent where the rapper and producer said he would be supporting the president's reelection campaign because the lower tax rates for wealthy Americans under Republicans would benefit him financially. 

The president's son tagged the manipulated photo with, "two great, courageous Americans!" Apparently, Ice Cube was not happy about being tagged in the photo because he shared it with a succinct response.

As many commentators, political analysts and activists have tried to explain to Ice Cube, the Trump campaign has been desperate to increase his almost nonexistent support within the Black community.

Despite the massive publicity Black Trump supporters routinely get, polls show Black voters are backing former Vice President Joe Biden by a 75-point margin, and Trump has eagerly sought endorsements from any and all Black "leaders" he can find in the run up to November 3.

A September poll from the Washington Post and ABC News showed Biden massively leading Trump when it comes to Black voters by 79%. 

As Blavity previously reported, Trump himself expressed anger at the country's Black voters for not supporting him, telling famed journalist Bob Woodward in July, “I’ve done a tremendous amount for the Black community. And, honestly, I’m not feeling any love.” 

The president went on to dispute the idea that Black people face any disadvantages and ridiculed Woodward for even asking him whether wealthy white men are more privileged than others. 

In the past month, Trump has touted his "Platinum Plan" that focuses on Black voter concerns but many have asked why none of this was done during his four years in office. 

“There's nothing regarding addressing medical apartheid, housing segregation, the legacy of redlining, or the harms of root shock as a result of serial forced displacement. He doesn’t even have a plan to allocate additional resources to Black communities which have been devastated by Covid-19,” Lawrence Brown, visiting associate professor with the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, told CityLab last month.

The professor went on to say that much of the plan was similar to the "opportunity zones" that Republicans have campaigned on, which gave tax breaks to companies if they invested in economically distressed areas. The plan was passed along with the massive tax cut package pushed through Congress in 2017.

Studies have shown that none of the money for the "opportunity zones" ever actually reached Black people, according to Bloomberg. The New York Times reported that companies largely took advantage of the tax cuts without investing any of the money in poverty-stricken neighborhoods and that no increase in job creation has been seen.