Ice Spice performed a new song during her set at Coachella this weekend. The track sampled Sean Paul’s 2005 song “Gimme The Light” and took aim at her rap rivals.

“B*tches be losing the plot, and that’s how I got to the top, and no, I don’t have any opps / Like why would I beef with a flop?” she rapped on stage.

Ice Spice quoted her own lyrics on X, formerly known as Twitter, following her performance.

“Like, let’s talk drill!! Who bigger than she?!! Who prettier too?!!! / 250 to GET IN THE BOOTH,” she added.

Some fans believe the Bronx rapper took aim at Latto, who had seemingly dissed her on her single, “Sunday Service,” despite denying any dispute between them.

“Do you rap, or do you tweet? ‘Cause I can’t tell, get in the booth, b*tch,” Latto rapped on the song. “Stop all that motherf*ckin’ yellin’, h**, ’cause I ain’t buyin’ what you’re sellin’, h**/ Think I’m the sh*t? B*tch, I know it, h**, Jesus walked on water, I got ice boilin’ though.”

Ice Spice started teasing her debut album, which will be titled Y2K. She will also be making her acting debut in Spike Lee’s remake of Akira Kurosawa’s High And Low.