Ice Spice has taken the world – and the internet – by storm in recent months. The 23-year-old rapper has gone viral on TikTok for her songs like “Munch” and the “Princess Diana” remix featuring Nicki Minaj. In addition, she has been featured on several magazine covers, has attended exclusive events such as the Met Gala and has been the subject of debate within the music industry.

Ice Spice has known a meteoric rise, and the star has kept most of her private life under wraps. But, recently, the rapper shared her race as a light-skinned Black woman of Nigerian and Dominican descent as fans kept speculating about her ethnicity.

Her mother, who is Dominican, quickly went viral after photographs surfaced online. Fans pointed out that the rapper and her mother look exactly alike.

“What’s impressive is it took my brain a second to pick out which one was ice spice lol good for her mom,” a fan tweeted.

“Ice Spice was not lying about her mom being a bad b***h,” another tweeted.

Ice Spice shared how her parents felt about her signature pose in her music videos and featured on the cover of her E.P.

“Mom’s a baddie, so she knows what it is,” the rapper told Apple Music in an interview. “But my pops, though, I’m his baby girl.”

She also shared that her love of rap stems from her father, an underground rapper.

“Subconsciously, I ended up becoming an artist because I saw my father be one first,” she previously told Paper. “He’s a music lover himself. He’s a true Hip Hop head, beyond me, honestly. He knows everything. He’s always educating me on Hip Hop and s**t like that.”