Ice Spice, whose real name is Isis Gaston, opened up about rap being a competitive industry and her rapid rise to fame. Variety’s “New York” issue recently featured the 23-year-old on its cover.

She called out those who tell her she is dumb, reminding them of the success she has found since releasing her breakout single “Munch (Feelin U)” in August 2022.

“People be trying to act like I’m dumb, and I’m just like, I’m a marketing f**king genius,” she told the outlet. “I feel like that just comes from being from New York, having to be quick on your feet, having to be witty and having a fast comeback. Having so many siblings and cousins just gave me that smartass mouth that I have and being able to react quickly. I think people with a smartass mouth make for good marketers.”

Ice Spice’s most recent business endeavor is a deal signed with Dunkin’ Donuts. She has collaborated with some of the music industry’s top artists, including Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, and appeared at high-profile events such as New York Fashion Week and the MET Gala.


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The rap scene has seen several women rise to fame in recent years. Megan Thee Stallion, Latto, City Girls, Cardi B and GloRilla are only a few examples. For the 23-year-old rapper, she sees the industry as competition. 

“It is a competition at the end of the day. People want to be all ‘I’m a girl’s girl,’ but then behind the scenes being b***hes,” Ice Spice said. “Basically, we here, the girls, are doing amazing. I’m excited to see it. I feel like the competition is what keeps us all excited because I think we all secretly enjoy competing and seeing who put that s**t on better and who’s gon’ get the most views. I can be transparent, and I know the competition is checking on me too, which is why it’s OK to say that. Because it’s like, ‘Yeah, girl, I’m watching you and I know you watching me.’ And boys are watching too, because they be secretly haters.”

Ice Spice added that music, a competitive industry, has nothing to do with women; it just comes with the trade.

“Everybody today is competing with everybody no matter if you a boy, girl, nonbinary, whatever it is. You still checking in on your competition. That’s in every industry,” she said.

Ice Spice won the best new artist award at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards. Earlier this year, she also earned the title of having the most Top 5 Billboard Hot 100 hits.