In a world where white supremacy runs rampant, terrorizing anyone who doesn’t fall within the white gaze, rebellion is inevitable. An understated form of rebellion? The beauty and boldness of Black friendships. Time and time again, we’ve seen the atrocities committed against our community for simply existing in our Blackness.

Throughout those horrendous moments, many of us have been able to lean in on our tribes for support and camaraderie. When we discuss generational curses or generational wealth, it should not be lost upon us that the act of survival is and has been embedded in each generation and a part of that is the shared struggle in Black friendships.

While one may be abundantly blessed to experience these friendships in real life, it’s nice to see them depicted on our television screens as well.

Many fans have rejoiced at the reconciliation of primetime’s fabulous duo, Issa and Molly, on HBO’s Insecure, and we share those sentiments. To celebrate not only this but the fabulousness of Black friendships, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most iconic, fictional ones to date.