Idris Elba has a vision for Valentine’s Day, and it includes a romantic evening with you.

Yes, you — if you are the winner of a raffle currently being held by Omaze on behalf of the educational nonprofit W.E. Can Lead.

The date night is promised to include a flight to meet Elba, a round of drinks, a dinner with him at one of his favorite restaurants and a dessert course that Elba says will involve, “whatever you want.”

CNN’s Isha Sesay started W.E. Can Lead, the beneficiary of the fundraising, in 2014. The organization aims to ensure that every girl on the African continent receives a quality education that includes mentoring support and leadership development.

Entries into the raffle start at $10. It runs until February 14, 2017.  So if you’d like a dinner with Luther — and one that will help the young women of Africa — head over to Omaze post-haste.

Watch the video above.