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These Four Black Women Are The Txlips, And They’re Your New Favorite Rock Band

Although their sound, reminiscent of bands like Veruca Salt and The Breeders, is firmly rooted in the 90s, Atlanta-based band The Txlips delivers tracks that feel modern and youthful, that address the various angsts of American millennials.Wanting to learn more about the band’s sound and the young, gifted and black women behind it, Blavity sat down with the leader of the group,...

Kamala Harris Speaks Out On Prison Reform And The Plight Of Women Prisoners

Under the Jeff Sessions DOJ, federal prisons will continue to be under private control. The attorney general has also stated that he’d like federal prosecutors to hand down the harshest possible minimum sentences.Facts such as these give little indication that the Trump administration hopes to reduce the United States’ swollen incarcerated population. A few senators,...

Study Says Rap On The Radio Full Of Negative Messages, Rap Streamed Online More Positive

We’ve come a long way from the days where those in the White House take time out of their busy schedules to denounce rap music.Or perhaps we haven’t — maybe Tupac and Quayle have become Snoop and Trump. In the modern era, however, there’s one difference: you don’t often hear how rap music is corrupting youth.What messages does rap contain?What we take...