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Here's How, In A Not-So-Surprising Twist, Trump's Budget Is Very Bad News For HBCUs

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but people really, really, really hate Trump’s 2018 budget.Like really hate.Bernie Sanders called it “immoral.”Elizabeth Warren put out this angrily-edited video:.@realDonaldTrump’s @usedgov budget is an all-out assault on America’s kids, teachers, college students & student loan borrowers....

How This Photographer Is Using Art To Honor His Mother And Millennial Women Of Color

Have you ever looked at a piece of art and wondered how it was made? All the things the artist was thinking, all the things that led to the work being created?If you’ve ever seen Corey Fells’ photography project 100 Womxn and wondered that, well, you’re in luck — the artist recently sat down with Blavity and told us all about it. If you haven’t seen...

Sheriff David Clarke Joins Dept. Of Homeland Security Despite Russian Ties

It’s frustrating how some people just don’t learn, how they make the same mistake over and over, and over.Our president and friend, Donald Trump, despite being in more hot water than a lobster dinner this week over, what else, Russia, went and appointed Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke to the Department of Homeland Security.Oh, another brother man in government, you say...