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Struggling To Fix Its Computers After A Crippling Cyberattack, Atlanta Is Forced To Start Doing Business The Old-Fashioned Way

Atlanta continues its recovery following a recent cyber attack that has crippled many parts of the city’s government, the Christian Science Monitor reports.The city was hit with the SamSam virus a week and a half ago; files across Atlanta’s network were corrupted, their filenames replaced with names like “weapologize” and “imsorry,” their contexts...

Watch These South Koreans Explain How 'Black Panther' Affected Their Perceptions Of Black People

It has often been said that Hollywood movies cannot be made with black leads because they do not perform well overseas. Black Panther is, of course, disproving that old mantra, and recently Asian Boss took the streets of the film’s number two market (behind the U.S.), Korea, to ask the residents of Seoul what they thought of the movie.The interviews touched on Koreans’...

McDonald's Flipped One Of Its Arches To Celebrate International Women's Day, And People Aren't Happy About It

In celebration of International Women’s Day, McDonald’s has flipped one of its iconic golden arches at a McDonald’s restaurant in Lynwood, California. It has also released a promotional video that features the owner of that franchise location, a black woman named Patricia Williams.The response to the video has been largely critical.The company has disabled comments...