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How Glory Edim And Her Book Club Are Helping To Create A Renaissance For Black Women Writers

Sometimes you sit and dream up something grand, then plot your way towards it step-by-step. You connect the dots, and then, after long days of hard work, you’re there.Other times, though, you find that fate, the universe, God — whatever it is you believe in — calls you, pulling you towards something greater than yourself.That’s exactly what happened to Glory Edim...

Steve Harvey To Flint Resident: 'Enjoy Your Nice Brown Glass Of Water'

Whenever you’re feeling a bit overly calm and need to add a little outrage to your day, just take a look at the last thing Steve Harvey’s said.He’ll get your blood boiling posthaste.Now, you’d think Harvey might have learned from the Asian comments, or the kerfuffle over his memo.But nope.Today, because he is a spoiled child, Harvey lashed out at a man from...