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Millennial Renaissance Man Shawn Blanchard Explains How Mentors And Public Speaking Change Lives

The call of the American Dream is powerful. We all want to believe that it is possible to achieve that dream, that success is just a pair of bootstraps away.But is it, really?Shawn Blanchard’s very existence seems to suggest that it is.The very model of a self-made man, Blanchard came from humble beginnings: he was born in 1982, at the beginning of the crack epidemic, with crack...

Artist Ivy Sole Explores Her Hometown With New EP 'West'

One thing Ivy Sole is very good at is cutting to the quick of what unites us.We featured the video for her song “Life” not long ago — and on that track, she delved into depression, exploring what it is like to struggle with bad days. We all have days that are all doom and gloom, and something else that we’re all familiar with is the search for a home.Who...