The University of North Carolina (UNC) officially introduced new basketball team head coach Hubert Davis on Tuesday, holding a press conference and allowing the longtime assistant to give fans more information about himself. 

Davis is UNC's first Black basketball head coach since the school began playing the sport in 1910 according to ESPN.

While many have hailed the school for choosing a Black head coach to represent one of the most iconic teams in college basketball, some online took issue with things Davis said during his introductory press conference. 

A reporter asked Davis whether it was significant that he would become one of the few Black coaches of any sport at the school or more generally in college basketball. He spoke about the significance of his hiring but also mentioned the race of his wife Leslie and three children – Elijah, Bobbie Grace and Micah. 

"It's significant that I'm African-American and I'm the head coach here. It's significant. I know that in terms of Division I head coaches all around the country only 26% of the head coaches for Division I men's basketball are composed of minorities, specifically African-Americans," he said.

"I know that it is significant that I'm the fourth African-American head coach in any sport in the history of the University of North Carolina. I'm very proud to be African-American. But I'm also very proud that my wife is white, and I'm very proud that my three beautiful, unbelievable kids are a combination of both of us,” he added. 

The comment drew more than a few confused responses, with many questioning why it was necessary for him to reference the race of his wife at all.