“Just because we’re magic, does not mean we’re not real.”  

When actor and activist Jesse Williams said these words during his acceptance speech for the BET Humanitarian Award in June 2016, he voiced the inner struggle of black people who insisted on loving and celebrating themselves even amid a trying year of exhausting social injustice, divisive politics, and brewing social unrest.

The black experience in America has honed a distinct measure of perseverance and fortitude. However, this requisite resilience is not without burden. For black women in particular, the strength required of us is sometimes dealt out to our own detriment. It’s important that we are intentional about checking in with ourselves to maintain a healthy mental and physical state. Self-care and preservation is essential.

Here are 4 ways in which black women can replenish their magic:

1. Journaling

Don’t sleep on the manifesting power of documenting your vision on paper. Taking the time to journal provides an opportunity to reflect, process, and work through situations. Long before she became a renowned bestselling author, African-American science-fiction writer, Octavia E. Butler, wrote in her journal, "My novels will go onto the above lists whether publishers push them hard or not." And so it was.

Some of history's most notable women have kept journals as a way of sharpening their vision, recording their successes and improving mental clarity. Oprah Winfrey has long advocated the practice. She has even shared with her audiences excerpts from her personal diary entries over the years providing documented evidence that the distinct vision for her successes existed on paper long before it was actualized.

2. Meditating

Before you check your phone, roll out of bed, or even wash your face, try taking ten minutes in the morning to meditate. Regular meditation helps relieve stress, improve the immune system, and control blood pressure. It’s totally worth it!

3. Affirmations

Daily affirmations go a long way toward counteracting the hate and negativity we all bump up against on a daily basis. Repeating positive affirmations are key to training your thoughts, focusing your attitude, and gaining clarity on your daily goals.

4. Grounding

Walking barefoot in nature can trigger relaxation, better sleep, lowered blood pressure and reduced overall anxiety. Emerging scientific research suggests that this practice - referred to as earthing or grounding - comes with numerous benefits. Daily exposure to artificial chemicals, pesticides and pollutants can cause excess buildup of “free radicals” in our system and direct contact with the earth's electrons can help to stabilize these radicals.

Though the stereotype of the “strong black woman” trope has been harmful in many ways, there is nothing shameful in owning our strength and using it to our advantage, as long as we are intentional to recharge, maintain balance and replenish our magic.

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