Influencer India Royale, who is the girlfriend of rapper Lil Durk, has spoken out in response to criticism he received over comments he made in a recent interview about her sexual history.

A Twitter user responded to a video of Durk’s comment, criticizing the idea of him proposing to India based on her lack of sexual partners. 

“Imagine ur fiancé being asked what he love about u & the first thing he brings up is ur body count [sic]etcnot your personality,” the user said. “not your loyalty, not your sacrifices to him but your past relations hearing this frm my man would not turn me on at all esp when his past is opposite.”

India responded to the user who criticized Durk’s comment on Twitter, telling her that’s why Durk is her man.

“Good thing he my man,” India said.

She would respond openly to other tweets in response to Durk’s comment, “Idgaf what people think about my fiancé,” she said. “That’s why he mine, get you one.”