Issa Rae is just as funny in real life as she is on Insecure.

The actress and writer of the hit HBO show revealed on the Dec. 22 edition of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that her newfound stardom has yet to make her as recognizable as she wants to be.

Earlier this year, Rae was down in Atlanta working on a film when she ran into a fan who thought she looked like Issa Rae from Insecure, but didn't recognize that it actually was her. Rae also recalled getting on an elevator with a man and two other women — one of whom hated her show. Instead of trying to tell the fan that she really was Issa Rae, she retreated into herself like her popular character.

The audience laughter and Fallon's cool demeanor only fueled Rae's unbelievable stories. She told The Tonight Show audience that she and Tiffany Haddish, of Girls Trip, fame were waiting on the Obamas, so they could all have a dinner party for the ages. 

Among the other stories Rae shared, she relished in the fact that she will be heading to the Golden Globes again. Take a look at the rest of Issa Rae's latest interview.

Like Issa Rae, Cardi B was also her usual entertaining and down-to-earth self during her recent visit on The Tonight Show. During the show, Cardi B discussed her recent success and the origin of her stage name (She used to go by Bacardi B, but now goes by a shortened version of the name.).

“I’m so proud of myself,” she joked after Fallon described the success of “Bodak Yellow.” “It feels good because, you know, I really worked my ass off for it and it’s just like [sighs] it finally pays off.”

Well, Issa Rae and Cardi B definitely had an amazing 2017. So not only did their hard work pay off, but the hustle was definitely worth it.