A Michael Jordan fan dropped $2,784 at an auction to bring home a lucky pair of boxers worn by the former NBA star. 

According to TMZ, organizers of the Lelands Auction say the gray and black boxers sold on Saturday have evidence of "definite use" by the NBA legend.

The evidence apparently includes some loose threads and a dry cleaning tag attached to the underwear. Lelands obtained the underwear from Jordan's bodyguard John Michael Wozniak, who became an internet sensation after he was featured in The Last Dance documentary last summer. 

There were 18 others bidding for the drawers, but just one unidentified lucky fan gets to bring home the sweet smell of the GOAT's inner compartments. 

Others chose to bid for more conventional items, such as Jordan's suits, coats, dress shirts and ties. As for whoever bought the undergarment, there's no confirmation of what exactly that person plans to do with it. 

It’s just a matter of time before we’ll be hearing, “It must be the underwear."