Memphis Grizzlies star point guard Ja Morant has issued a counterclaim in response to the lawsuit filed by a teenager, with Morant now suing the teen for assault, slander and battery. reported the countersuit.

On Wednesday, Morant’s legal estate filed a lawsuit against 18-year-old Joshua Holloway, claiming he harmed Morant’s public image. 

Also, the countersuit delineates that Holloway has stifled Morant’s ability to secure gainful contracts and endorsements. 

According to the contents of the countersuit, Holloway allegedly provided false information to authorities in his original lawsuit.

In the countersuit, Morant admits he punched Holloway once after a basketball hit Morant in the face during a pickup game at his residence. In addition, the Grizzlies star said Holloway had clenched his fists before the encounter.

On the other hand, an amended version of Holloway’s lawsuit states Morant and his friend Davonte Pack punched him again even after he fell to the ground. Following the altercation, Holloway alleges Morant threatened to brandish his firearm as he was leaving. The lawsuit also states Holloway’s mother contacted the police amid his return home that night.

“These statements were false, and the Counter-Defendant had actual knowledge of their falsehood or had reckless disregard for the truth,” according to Morant’s lawsuit.

In addition, the countersuit states witnesses reported the incident lasted exactly 10 seconds before Morant’s father intervened and escorted Holloway out of the area while the point guard remained present on the court. As Holloway left the scene, he allegedly shouted he would return to “light [Morant’s] house like a fireworks display.”

Morant also claims he received a threatening message on Snapchat, which he believes to be from Holloway. As a direct result, Morant and his family reported the teenager’s alleged hostile remarks to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department.