Justin Blake, the uncle of Jacob Blake, expressed outrage when he spoke to reporters on Friday after a Wisconsin jury dismissed all counts against Kyle Rittenhouse. The teenager was accused of killing two people and injuring another during a protest in Kenosha last year.

Justin said he isn't shocked to hear the verdict in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where Rittenhouse opened fire on protesters who were demonstrating against the officer who shot Jacob shot seven times. 

"They didn't convict the officer with his dirty ass that shot my nephew in the back seven times," Justin said, adding that the judge gave Rittenhouse a pass. "He didn't allow evidence in. If somebody said they would have killed somebody with a AR-15 30, 40 days ago and they actually do it 40 days later, that's good evidence."

Justin also pointed to the photo of Rittenhouse going into a bar and flashing what appears to be a white supremacy sign.

"You know his ideology," he said. "They talk about harming African Americans. They talk about harming minorities. And he acted it out. Now you tell us why he got a free ride."

The devastated uncle continued to slam the court, saying they failed to acknowledge how Rittenhouse's bail money was raised by groups such as the Proud Boys and the Ku Klux Klan.

"Are they plugged up in this court?" he said. "Do we know the history of this judge?"

Justin also denounced Rittenhouse's stance of self-defense.

"There was no self-defense," he told MSNBC. "Self-defense is when you're protecting your home, you're protecting your family."

The jury dismissed all counts against Rittenhouse on Friday, as Blavity previously reported