Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette has offered to pay the remaining tuition balance of a student at his alma mater. 

Jhane Lowsoo announced on Twitter that she owed Louisiana State University (LSU) $10,000. She said she’d work her two jobs to pay half and hoped to pay the remaining $5,000 by crowdfunding. The fifth-year student had lost her financial aid and, being in her last year, launched a GoFundMe campaign in hopes of finishing strong. 

I have 2 come out of pocket to pay for my senior year. It’s 10k for the entire year! I currently work 2jobs for the other 5k! $1, $5 ANYTHING HELPS! I’ve come too far to stop here! Thank you everyone! Plz RT!

Please support my GoFundMe campaign: https://t.co/Grcurw78tS @gofundme— MissJ-Nichol (@jhanenichol_) July 2, 2018

Lowsoo told Louisiana’s The Advocate that she was at Lit Pizza, her place of employment, when Fournette retweeted her post and said, “I’ll pay the rest for you.” 

Lowsoo screamed for joy and began crying so hard that she was sent home early. 

Fournette’s generosity comes not only as an alum reaching back, but also as someone with whom Lowsoo has worked. In an interview, Fournette revealed that Lowsoo was his trainer when he attended LSU.

Outside of the donation, Lowsoo has fundraised about $3,500 of her $5,000 goal. 

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