Jaime Harrison was the talk of the internet this weekend after decimating U.S. Senator for South Carolina Lindsey Graham during their debate on Saturday — from behind a plexiglass shield at that. 

Harrison, who's competing against Graham for his U.S. Senate seat, has shocked election watchers in South Carolina, pulling into a dead heat in his race to replace Graham as one of the state's senator as FiveThirtyEight reports.

Harrison blasted Graham for his stances on President Donald Trump, the government's coronavirus response and his hypocrisy related to the attempt at replacing former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg just weeks before the election. 

“Listening to Senator Graham…reminds me of playing Monopoly with my son. He changes the rules every [chance] he gets,” Harrison said, citing the senator's shifting public statements about Trump and the vacant Supreme Court seat.

After Harrison called Graham's actions with the open Supreme Court seat "heresy," the senator had no response other than touting Trump's constitutional right to filling the seat, bucking the very rule he and his Republican colleagues created in 2016. 

To add an element of shame to the proceedings, Harrison even brought his own plexiglass shield to the event, a veiled shot at Graham and his senior Republican colleagues who have faced criticism in recent days for flouting CDC guidelines at multiple events and causing an outbreak of coronavirus infections, according to The Daily Beast. 

Graham is on the Senate Judiciary Committee with Thom Tillis, a senator for North Carolina, and Mike Lee, a senator Utah, both of whom tested positive for coronavirus late last week after attending an event with other senior Republicans, like Trump, who later tested positive for COVID-19, according to The New York Times. 

Harrison ripped Graham for saying the country needed to "move on" from the crisis created by the coronavirus pandemic and spent much of the debate complaining about protesters who have been outside of his home. 

He said he brought the plexiglass shield because he has already had family members die from COVID-19 and wanted to keep everyone around him safe, something he said the senator should also focus on. 

“Because, you know, it’s not just about me. It’s about the people in my life that I have to take care of, as well. My two boys, my wife, my grandmother…Let’s take this issue seriously and do all that we can to not only take care of ourselves, but each other,” Harrison said.