Janelle back! Specifically, Janelle and Tessa are back! Have we decided yet if the lovely duo's name is Jessa or Tanelle? 

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Janelle Monáe debuted her new music video, "PYNK," featuring Grimes, this week, and it is the visual representation of womanhood! In all of their colorful splendor, women are celebrated for their inner strength and outer sexiness in the video.

You may remember the excitement over Tessa Thompson's appearance in Monáe's "Make Me Feel" video, a "San Junipero"-esque exploration of bisexuality. Well, thank the Lord, the two have reunited for Monáe's "PYNK!" 

The video is a direct exploration of femininity down to vagina pants, sex cells briefs (with unapologetic pubic hair!) and gyrating glowing black girl bodies. 

P*ssy power, indeed. 

Needless to say, Twitter was all the way here for the new joint:

Overjoyed. Ecstatic. Imagery. Soundscape. Creativity. Set. Costume. Concept. Take my money now. NOW I SAY! pic.twitter.com/VEEEHiMd7B— Ashley M (@amorse8) April 10, 2018

Vaginal motifs in art.— Allie H (@alliesatwar) April 10, 2018

Ohhh, and it's Janessa! Duly noted. 

Gay tears are dripping from my eyes my heart and my vagina. pic.twitter.com/JVQ4NWjs7S— Sharonslayy (@sharonslayy) April 10, 2018

Aftermath of this video.

Balls= Retreated
Pussy= Popped
Wig= Snatched— Raid Ubaid (@Diar_Diabu) April 10, 2018

pic.twitter.com/bKVkufCsOH— Jay (@_JayLenard) April 10, 2018

me by the time this album drops pic.twitter.com/nFUCxoLME3— Chipotle Mayo (@ppy234) April 10, 2018

"Pink is my favorite part."

Message. pic.twitter.com/8falzLHeyq— Old Saint Hood™ (@oldsainthood) April 10, 2018

SOMEBODY GET ME MY SMELLING SALTS!! pic.twitter.com/iOpqMwfEkE— Maxine Shawls ???? (@ginandtectonica) April 10, 2018

pic.twitter.com/gQ1Qcwn5Rl— jabitacá (@beaTROPIX) April 10, 2018

It's official: we want to see Janelle and Tessa pair up in all the things! Team Janessa: That's OUR favorite part! 

Photo: GIPHY