Jared McCain, the college basketball star who is also known for his vibrant personality on social media, has declared for the 2024 NBA Draft. McCain, who earned several NIL deals while starring as a first-year guard at Duke University, hopes to achieve the same type of success on and off the court at the next level.

 “I’ve always been a dream chaser, I’ve always been one to reach my goals, and that next one is the NBA,” McCain said in an Instagram video. “So with that being said, I will be entering my name into the 2024 NBA Draft. I’m blessed and honored to be a part of The Brotherhood, and I’ll be a Blue Devil for life.”

McCain was Duke’s top recruit in 2023, The Chronicle reported. The Sacramento native was off to a slow start in the first two games of his college career, shooting 3-of-13 and only scoring nine points. McCain, however, soon found his rhythm. The Duke star scored 35 points against Florida State to tie Zion Williamson’s first-year scoring record. He also made eight three pointers in a game to set the record for most three-pointers made by a rookie.

On TikTok, McCain stands out with his energetic personality and his vibrant nail polish. The outgoing basketball star has earned an NIL valuation of $1.4 million, representing companies such as  beauty brand Sally Hansen and the Kardashian fashion apparel Skims. According to On3, McCain ranks 13th among all college athletes when it comes to NIL valuation.

As Blavity previously reported, McCain has made it clear that he’s not afraid to be himself. Responding to people who criticized him for painting his nails, McCain said he will not let any of the critics tell him what to do.

Some of these people hate, I don’t know if they do take care of their body,” he told Complex. “So, I just like getting the color and it’s always been myself. I’ve always been big on just being yourself in any situation possible. And never letting somebody tell you what, what you can and can’t be. So, doing the painted nails is kind of a part of me now. I just kind of do it whether I get to hate or not.”

McCain said he responds with a laugh when people criticize him.

“The hate is funny because it’s usually grown men most of the time and it’s like you’re a grown man just hating on a kid,” McCain added. “It doesn’t affect me at all. I kind of just laugh at it.”

The Duke star is expected to be taken in the first round of the 2024 NBA Draft.