Jason Mayden on believing in yourself and success

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| September 19 2016,

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Jason Mayden is a designer/entrepreneur-in-residence at Accel Partners and lecturer at Stanford University's d.School (Institute of Design). Prior to joining Accel and Stanford, he spent 13+ years at Nike, where he led and contributed to the creation of innovative sport performance products for athletes and cultural icons such as Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan

Jason Mayden
Photo: Courtesy of Jason Mayden

Blavity: Your story reminds me thats its possible to live out our dreams. Tell us about some of your outlooks on life that got you to where you are today?

Jason Mayden:

As a result of pursuing a higher calling rather than a higher tax bracket, I have far exceeded my own expectations.

B: What were some of the conflicts you faced when making the decision to go back to school?


I realized that I was being put in a position to serve as an example of what could happen through faith and the constant pursuit of evolving beyond my comfort zone.

B: Talk to us about your background in industrial design, how has it shaped the framework in which you create?


Creativity, in my humble opinion, is a direct extension of God's love for us.

B: I'm obsessed with your idea of the cultural alchemist, can you talk more about the importance of human potential and why it's important to invest in people?


B: Furthermore, what are your thoughts on the importance of investing in young black creatives?


B: How do you stay motivated to seek out new opportunities and push yourself outside of your comfort zone?


B: Describe your creative process, how do you go from idea to execution?


Photo: Courtesy of Jason Mayden

B: What advice do you have for creative entrepreneurs who struggle with self-doubt and trusting their ideas?


B: How does the city you're from and/or the city you currently live in inspire you?


I am fully confident with my love for my culture.

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