In true Carter fashion, with last week's release of 4:44 Jay-Z set the internet ablaze with 10 fire tracks of knowledge dropping, name-naming, confessional, and sometimes retrospective game. As if 40 straight minutes of cultural commentary and lyrical gems weren't enough, the rapper recently released video “Episode One: Footnotes for ‘The Story of O.J." featuring a slew of famous friends including Kendrick Lamar, Chris Rock, Trevor Noah, Will Smith, Michael B. Jordan, and Mahershala Ali.

In the song version of ‘The Story of O.J.,’ Jay-Z uses the fallen football star who famously proclaimed, "I'm not black, I'm O.J." as a cautionary tale, speaking to the lure of racial transcendence embraced by some black men after achieving a certain level of wealth, fame, and success. The 'footnotes' take this theme a step further as Hov invites a handful of famous black men talk about their personal experiences with racism, fame, power, and wealth in America.

“Fame is the greatest gift that God can give a black man,” Chris Rock said. A sentiment that was echoed byThe Daily Show host, Trevor Noah who said, "Success is, in many ways, a synonym for white…Once you attach ‘successful’ to the black man, there’s a little key that has been given to you that may give you access to the white world,” he said. “The key can be taken away. Cosby, Tiger etcetera. The key can be taken away, but at least you have a key for the time being.”

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