Jay-Z has joined the conversation surrounding rapper 21 Savage’s ICE arrest.

The Atlanta-raised rapper (real name Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph)  was taken into ICE custody earlier this week. In a since-deleted tweet from his manager Stone Mound Meezy, he reported 21 was on lockdown 23 hours out of the day and is only given 10 minute phone calls with his lawyers.

Many celebrities have come to offer their support. Jay-Z and Roc Nation have now announced that they will be fighting to free 21 from ICE custody. They’re enlisting the help of attorney Alex Spiro. Spiro has helped quite a few celebrities including Jay-Z, Bobby Shmurda, and Aaron Hernandez.

Spiro’s biggest priority is to get him out.

“My goal today is to get him out; my goal tomorrow is to figure out what went wrong here,” Spiro told Complex in an interview..

Spiro also mentioned the plight of other individuals battling ICE.

“The reality is these things happen all the time,” he said. “It’s only when there is a person of prominence or the public takes an interest in that the light is shined on these issues.”

ICE has a history of gross abuse and terror. A few months ago, a Philadelphia native was almost deported to Jamaica by ICE after testing positive for marijuana. This only graces the surface of absurdities stemmed from the organizations.

Spiro ended with some impactful final remarks.

“When he wins his freedom, we shouldn't be so quick to forget about it,” he said. “That's the thing that I think people don't fully appreciate.”

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