Unless you've been living under a rock somewhere, you've heard by now of the massive fallout resulting from sexual assault and rape allegations levied against mega-producer Harvey Weinstein. Tragic…but what if Jay Z were the unexpected beneficiary from the fall of this Hollywood titan? 

According to TMZ, multiple sources close to the mogul have confirmed that Hov and a group of investors are looking into buying Weinstein’s 23 percent stake in The Weinstein Company. It makes perfect sense. Jay Z, who is about to begin production on a series about Trayvon Martin, already has a first-look film deal with the company and has previously worked with Harvey Weinstein to produce The Kalief Browder Story, which aired on Spike and Netflix.

Can you imagine what a move like this would mean? Aside from making Jay even more rich and powerful, it could potentially impact which stories get told, who gets to tell them, and what actors get selected for these impactful roles. We'll be keeping an ear to the ground on this one.

If Jay wins, we all win!

Photo: Giphy