The Brooklyn Public Library’s exhibit “The Book of HOV,” which pays homage to JAY-Z’s legacy within and outside of the music industry, has inspired a massive uptick in library card sign-ups and interest in the facility.

According to ABC 7 NY, the exhibit, which opened Friday, July 14, features the rapper’s lyrics and chronicles his life and career.

“He navigated the gritty streets of Brooklyn’s Marcy Projects to the halls of Roc Nation, and now he shines as one of the brightest stars in our constellation,” a press release about the exhibit read, according to ABC 7 NY. “With his rhymes sharper than a knife and beats hotter than a summer in the city, JAY-Z is a beacon of hope for those who dare to dream beyond the confines of their circumstances.”

“The Book of HOV” is broken down into chapters, like a book, that cover each era of his life. The exhibit also includes visuals, audio stories and physical artifacts to bring the rapper’s story to life.

“It’s an inspiring reminder that, no matter where you start, with talent, hard work, and a little bit of that ‘Empire State of Mind,’ you can change the world,” the museum stated in July, ABC 7 NY reported.

During the exhibit’s first week open to the public, attendance at the Brooklyn Public Library’s Central Library was close to five times the average. A whopping 39,000 people visited the exhibit between opening day and Thursday, July 20. The number of items checked out for the week increased by 10%, and almost 4,000 people signed up for library cards at both the Central and Marcy locations. Limited-edition JAY-Z library cards, which were introduced during the exhibit’s opening week, are still available.

The exhibit is part of several New York City events honoring hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, ABC 7 NY reported. Yankee Stadium is hosting a star-filled concert on Friday, Aug. 11. Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Ice Cube, Run DMC and more are set to perform.

The “Book of HOV” is open to the public through October, ABC 7 NY reported.